Lucky Clucks Online Slot Rating and reviews

At the best online casinos for slots, you may play the Lucky Clucks slot machine, which is an entertaining cartoon-style game situated in a farm where hens produce precious eggs worth up to 3,000 times your wager. There is a high amount of volatility and an average return rate of 96.19 percent in this desktop and mobile game that was developed by Crazy Tooth Studios and published by Microgaming.

You can construct multipliers with the assistance of crazy cartoon chickens and ears of corn, and you can expand the reels with more wilds if you get enough of them. A free spins bonus round is also included, during which the game’s wild symbols stay active for many rounds, making it much simpler to rack up a string of substantial winnings.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine, “Lucky Clucks”

If you’re a fan of cartoons, you’re going to have a great time playing the Lucky Clucks slot machine since it’s filled with animated characters. Within the confines of a classic red barn are a grid of symbols composed of 3-4-4-4-3, which features wacky animals such as cows, lambs, and birds with bug-eyed eyes. A star wild symbol that may substitute for others to complete or increase winnings and a bonus symbol that can activate free spins are also included in the game. Other symbols include colorful playing card icons and fortunate horseshoes. Free spins can be triggered by the bonus symbol.

There is an upbeat music to go along with the cartoon aesthetic, and all of the looks, sounds, and functions are the same across PCs, iOS, Android, and Windows versions, allowing you to play without any restrictions on whichever platform you choose.

There are 576 distinct ways for the symbols to line up in Lucky Clucks, which employs a system that Microgaming refers to as a “Adjacent Pays” system. This system allows players to win with 3, 4, or 5 instances of the same symbol on linked reels from either the left or right sides of the screen. You may play for anywhere from $0.15 to $15.00 every spin, and you can set your bets by tapping the Poker chip icon that is located on the control panel.

Both the button with the circular arrows that begins the reels spinning automatically and the button with the double arrows that speeds them up are located on the same panel. When you click the button labeled “3 lines,” a paytable will appear. On it, you’ll get an explanation of the many bonus features, including the expanding reels and how much each symbol is worth. If you land animal symbols on any of the game’s five reels, you might win up to 0.73 times your entire stake.

Bonus features such as free spins and other forms of lucky clucks

Chickens have the potential to show up above the game, and there is a hen sitting on her nest at the very top of the center reel at all times. Whenever chicken symbols appear on the reels, they contribute to a feature called the Big Buildup. In this game, chickens lay eggs above the reels, and the eggs either add multipliers, wild symbols, or offer a reward called the Mother Hen.

Up to three stacked wilds may appear on top of a single reel, and the multipliers can range anywhere from 2x to 5x. The Mother Hen payout is accrued when corn symbols are used, and the Big Buildup feature in its entirety is rewarded when a wild symbol occurs. The additional wilds contribute to the completion of winning combinations, and the multipliers may be used to either the Mother Hen award or any standard win that results from a spin.

The standalone free spins extra feature of the Lucky Clucks slot machine is activated when three, four, or five bonus scatter symbols appear simultaneously on the reels of the game. You are awarded 5, 7, or 9 bonus games according on the number of scatter symbols that show up, and while you are playing these games, at least one chicken will appear in each spin to extend the reels. Additionally, wilds continue to function during a number of free games, despite the fact that they shift one row down with each spin.

Lucky Clucks Slot Machine Maximum Wins, Average Returns, & Volatility

If the multiplier is large enough, the Mother Hen award may reach 3,000 times your entire wager, which is equivalent to 45,000.00 at the maximum stake of 15.00. This is pretty modest, and it is evident that Microgaming is aiming to target casual gamers to this game rather than seasoned gamblers seeking for massive winnings with this release of their product.

The slot machine has a high volatility, which means that it pays out less often than games with a lower variance, but the reward amounts might be large ratios of the stake to compensate for this. The long-term payback percentage comes in at 96.19 percent, which is likewise on the lower end of the spectrum for a slot machine that has a high degree of volatility.

Our evaluation of the online slot machine, Lucky Clucks

On both desktop computers and mobile devices, playing the Lucky Clucks slot machine, with its cartoonish aesthetic and often humorous animations, is a really enjoyable way to pass the time. Expanding reels, multipliers, and Mother Hen jackpots are uncommon features, and they may be at conflict with the low stake alternatives that are geared for players with less expertise.

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