Philippines’ King Kong-themed slot machine

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When the 1993 film King Kong was released, it instantly became a cultural phenomenon throughout the world. The tale was sensual, revolving on the discovery of a large ape-like creature on an unnamed island in the Pacific. Peter Jackson’s 2005 adaptation of this great blockbuster was widely distributed upon its 2005 release, playing on a staggering number of screens in virtually every country on Earth. So, we thought it would be fun if today you and I, dear gambler, got to share in the wonder of the video slot based on the well-known film. Come along for the ride, for this is one online slot game that’s well worth your time.

An Analysis of the King Kong Slot Machine

The games were created by Playtech. This is a 5-reel slot machine with 20 paylines. The creators have included two different game types. There are also re-spins, a bonus game, and wild and scatter symbols. Rates might be anywhere from $0.001 to $2. The total stake is $40 if the player wagers the maximum on all lines. Five wild symbols is the highest paying combination in the game. You have the option of playing the game for free in practice mode or spending real money at a casino, where you have several chances to win. Theoretically, the slot machine has a return to player (RTP) of 95.5%.


Movie characters Carl, Ann, Jack, and Englehorn are shown in symbolic portraits. Playing cards are also included. A super gorilla is responsible for carrying out Wild’s duties.

Both standalone combos and incomplete ones can be completed with the help of wild symbols. Wild may substitute every other symbol except Scatter. When the game is restarted, three gorillas will appear on the field, one for each game mode. Scatter symbols are represented by the game’s logo. You’ll be happy with the bonus structure. There are two play styles, many bonus games, and free spins to help you have a good time and win some money. But remember, there is no jackpot, which is bad news if you like to test your luck, but is acceptable if you just want to play for pleasure.

Using King Kong in a Game

Both directions are possible for the story, which takes place amid the concrete jungle of a major city. Both of these variations use the same symbols but have distinct pay tables. The player can begin the video slot game in one of two modes, each with its own set of bonus games and functionalities. In the Jungle Game Mode, you may play the Skull Island Bonus and Wild Jungle Re-Launch bonus games. In addition, the “City Tower Bonus” and “Wild King Kong Re-Launches” in the “Big City” will make the player very happy. If two or more matching symbols appear on neighboring reels, you win. This guideline is not limited to the game Scatter.


The creative team at Playtech has blown away everyone’s expectations. The visual style of King Kong is original, and the voice acting is well done. The game’s two modes, City and Jungle, provide players a chance to experience two quite distinct worlds as they play. Spectacular videos as captivating as a feature film play at the beginning of the game and throughout bonus rounds. You may either play for real money at one of several online casinos catering to Filipinos, or you can try out the game for free in its demo form.


Will there be a jackpot for me to win?

Even if there is no way to win the jackpot, the bonus offers are rather lucrative.

Is there a mobile version of this online slot machine?

Any gadget you own will work to play it.

What kind of individuals are these icons?

The game is based on Peter Jackson’s King Kong, and these are the characters from that film.

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