The crooks nabbed for the ETP heist in Berlin

In response to one of our earlier stories that discussed a robbery that took place in the ETP Berlin on Saturday, March 6, 2010, the suspects in question have been taken into custody in recent days.

A group of four individuals returned to the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin with the intention of committing a heist while the prestigious European Poker Tour (ETP) was being held there in Berlin. After engaging in combat with the hotel’s security personnel, the criminals eventually made their way inside the room in where the tournament was being held, which caused a complete and utter breakdown of order. People have been able to acquire approximately 250,000 euros in the space of a few seconds by using the gun.


One of the four perpetrators of the crime went to the Berlin police station with his attorney a few days after the catastrophe.

It has named his three co-conspirators as a result. As a result, three males were forced to flee the scene. The first suspect was taken into custody a couple of days later.


The two thieves were last seen at Berlin’s Tegel Airport, which is located in the city’s central district. Two goons returned immediately, one to Istanbul for one of them and Beirut for the other of them after being stopped and caught by the police. The two young people, who are 19 and 20 years old, have stated that it is their intention to cancel the policy after they have returned home.


The situation is resolved in a way that can be considered satisfactory given that the 240 000 euros have been found.

After this terrible event, which thankfully did not result in any significant injuries, the security will be put to the test. Particularly when the players were “cooled” after the theft had been completed. However, play resumed not long after the incident took place, and players expressed surprise and disapproval with the quickness with which the game was resumed as well as the behavior of the organizers of the European Poker Tour.


We have high hopes that this occurrence will not serve as a deterrent to offenders in the future. The event security for gambling will be dismantled, and the participants will be able to gamble freely on the various elements, much to their joy.

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